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I believe the world doesn’t need more products. It needs a better design solution with a vision for the future. 

An innovative problem-solving UX Designer focuses on accessibility and inclusive design. I enjoy discovering potential solutions and conceptualizing the design, providing the user an intuitive interface, accessible and inclusive working for everyone, and extending to many. As an architect and Interior Designer background, I can see things from another point of view and be a more creative thinker, analytics, and solving problems.

Strong advocacy for users, experience from varieties industry to education, leading projects for intervention students K-12. I enjoy designing and developing solutions to level up the learning experience that empowers student autonomy, motivates their passion for reading, and enhances their confidence.

Fun Fact: I'm a good travel planner and always plan where is going to be the next place to visit after landing. I called Florence, Italy my second home.




Is anywhere, particular when I travel, travel brings the opportunity to open my mind and extend my horizon. As a traveler, I observe how the world is growing and changing. The world is the best problem display and gives me many opportunities to provide solutions. We don't need more products; we need design solutions with a vision for the future to fix what isn't working and transform it into an accessible, intuitive, fun, and inclusive experience to create an impact for future generations.





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