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Process. Before I start any project, I design my project plan to manage effectively the time boxes, milestones This diagram has a clear description of my entire UX Design and deadlines. Considering this aspect, I start with ideation, brainstorming, concept, and strategy to understand the problem will I  have to solve. Design thinking gives me the idea of how to understand the users and find new business opportunities by analyzing the competitors and the market. Then I move to the research process by conducting users interviews, surveys, observation, and collecting good data, this provides me amazing ideas and guides me to analyze in more depth what kind of users will I be designing for and how I can understand their goals and pain point. 


After discovering the problems and finding possible solutions, I will start to ideate paper sketches and digital wireframes implemented ideas, and inspiration from the data I had been collecting and start to build a Low - Mid - Hi-fidelity prototype.

"A good design is sustainable if has good data information."


Time to move on to UX | UI conducting user testing and A/B testing, observing how my user interacts with the prototype, this process requires me to do multiple rounds of testing and interaction. 


In the visual design stage, I create the final mockups, style guidelines, and brand identity. Then I deliver design documentation, collaborate with developers, product owners and the project management team. 








Users need a product Easy to use, Inclusive and Delightful ...

Don't Assume. We are not the users. Empathy is the key to connect with stakeholders and users. Make us design for emotions. 



My favorite tools are a piece of paper and pen, ideation and brainstorming are good beginning when I can put tons of ideas together with my all research process. By the way, is cheap and any mistake I can fix quick.

Question + Questions = Result

We only can understand the users if we ask questions. Build a good question conduct a better result. Discover what the users want, their insights and what they looking for. 

Testing, testing, and more testing. Can be paper or visual mockups, the prototype is the tool to know if our product work or not. Is the way we communicate our insights effectively with the users.   


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