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Project: Design Product (APP)

My Role: UX Designer | Project Manager
(Ideation, Wireframing, User Flows, Information Architecture, Mockups, Visual design Lead, Prototype, and Presentation.)





Design a product for GA students helped build a strong portfolio and made the right connection in order to start a new career. Currently, it’s difficult for Bootcamp students to connect with members of the GA community outside of their classes, particularly after graduation.



Build a General Assembly community platform that allows 20,000+ community to connect, work, and network together. Our hypothesis is that this will decrease stress for students during the Bootcamp, make them feel assured that they will be able to find work after the Bootcamp and increase the probability of students getting hired.

Business Overview.-

“General Assembly is the solution to the global skills gap”

- CEO Jake Schwartz

We started with the brand analysis. What's means General Assembly words?


“Assembly”? There are two definitions.


  1. A gathering of people

  2. The process of building together separate components




  1. Pertaining to a large audience

  2. Affecting a great amount of people.



GA’s brand ethos is collaboration. General Assembly is a place for talented tech leaders and students to teach and learn in order to build knowledge and products together




We started part of our process of analyzing a contextual inquiry in UXDI class and outcomes workshops. Created a survey and used Slack channels to get the audiences to answer for build part of our data, at the same time in another part of the team, we started to work on structured and unstructured interviews with current and former students, instructors and one marketing representative.



In our data analysis, we used GA KPIs, comparative and competitive analysis, identifying what is the business and user goals, analysis our target audience and used Guerrilla usability test, Tech research for IOS and Android and integration with Slack channel using API


Our result on base our data analysis and research determined: 


  • Two personas with 

  • Crafted from interviews 


2 UXDI graduates 

1 WDI student

5 UXDI students (1 in Seattle)

1 Part-time Digital Market


Slack is the main collaborative channel for GA. Slack API’s Incoming Webhooks allow external apps to send messages on Slack, coded in HTTPS and JSON. Part of our user experience is reaching out to an interesting person or team without leaving the app. This makes finding projects easier for the user.






User Flow.-

Summary: Philip finds it difficult to make his work stand out from other Bootcamp graduates’. He has trouble finding people to collaborate with because the people he knows are gone.

Summary: Riley wants to enter the tech industry in a few months. She wants to have a realistic perspective and feels limited to the feedback from her instructors and class projects.​

User Flow representation. This flow doesn't contain all the tabs we designed for this project. It's only represented part of my design process.

Information Architecture.-

Information Architecture. App Flow Construction Site

I Iteraction
II Iteraction
III Iteraction 


The design process started with the first idea of how will looks the app. In this design process, we conducted 3 iterations, Low, Mid and Hi-fidelity wireframes. 

In our analysis of data and working as a team we were able to find the best result for GA Students now has an App where students can collaborate with other students and build a strong portfolio. As Project Manager in this project, the communication with my colleague was very important to accomplish every task, manage properly the time box, milestones and prioritize as part our strategy to move forward and get successful results. Working with my colleagues for two weeks to accomplish this successful final product was a memorable experience.



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