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Project: Redesign Responsive Website




My Role: UX Designer  & Project Manager
(Data Analysis, Usability Analysis(A/B Testing), Wireframing, User Flows, Information Architecture, Style Guideline Designer, Deliverables Docs, and Presentation.)








The goals of the company are to promote B2C and B2B picnic services. The objective is to create an experience with the users through the website with easy navigation. One of the features is to promote an allergy module that users will recognize and work efficiently.  


Overall, Upicnic would like to have a clear message to their customers so that they can have an enjoyable picnic experience.



After analyzing the website, through the research process and usability, we gave our client solutions. We defined a clear explanation of what Upicnic offers to its customers. Global navigation, home page, product page, product description page, and event planning page were redesign to prioritizes its features. 




Upicnic is the first tech startup and food service company to create an online one-stop shop and drop-off service for everything that is Picnic.

Launched in New York City in 2015, Upicnic joins the vibrant tech startup scene of Silicon Alley, focusing on a love of food and the outdoors. The mission of the company is to create the most fun and tasty picnic experience for its customers.

Business Overview.-

Our analytics was based on competitive and comparative analysis. Additionally, we used heuristic analysis to determine the usability of the website.


In our data analysis, we compared the top 3 competitive companies to Upicnic.


The competitive analysis result was: 


  • Upinic offers a variety of features that put it ahead of its competitors.


  • Upicnic offers splendid customer service that likes to provide delightful moments for its customers.



Heuristic Analysis 


  • The website does not provide a clear message of what the company offers.


  • Pages are heavy on text.

  • Navigation is confusing and does not feel intuitive.


In our research process, we conducted research surveys and user interviews at Central Park to understand our most likely users.  


Analyzing the behavior data, pain point, and goals of our users is an essential part of designing a great product.


We started grouping with affinity mapping to organize the results of our interviews. This helped us to understand more about the user, their needs and find a solution.  


After having the result of user interviews, surveys and affinity mapping, we created 3 archetypes. Also, we determined what the primary archetype, Classic Picnicker, would want.




On indoor picnics: “Living in the city, we want to try anything different”
“Today, spending time outside is a luxury.”
“A picnic is sharing an outdoor experience.” 
Key Finding from User Research.-

10  out of 10  families at the park never hired a company to prepare their picnics.



Time is the biggest pain-point when it comes to putting a picnic together.



A New York family is planning a picnic day. They look for organic food but they don't have the time to prepare the food thus making the preparation very stressful.  They want to bring games and activities to have fun as they plan to spend all day at the park. In addition, they know planning a picnic day translates into spending a lot of time finding the location, setting it up, preparing the food and inviting guests. They found out that can give them a fun, smart and enjoyable picnic experience.

User Flow.-
User Flow | Classic Picnicker
Information Architecture._

We worked on different wireframes to get the final result. One of the requirements in this project was to keep the brand of concept and the first idea of the existing website.  We started redesigning the most important concerns for the client.  



We conducted 10 total usability tests with 10 different users. 95% were satisfied and considered the new prototype had easy to use navigation. The final product had a clear message that featured an allergy module that was understandable. The prototype was easy to use for the users and there were only a few suggestions.



Before UX

After UX

Style Guideline.-

In our analysis of data and working as a team we were able to find the best result for our client and their customers. Upicinic now has a lot of features to offer the Picnic first-timer and the Picnic aficionado. Working with my colleagues for three weeks to accomplish this successful final product was a memorable experience. The communication with our client was very successful which resulted in a product that met the requirements of our client and the satisfaction of their users. 



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